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    FDLF05 : Andrey Zots (Nervmusic)


    FDLF05: Andrey Zots (Nervmusic)

    For six years Nervmusic has been the instigator of actions that have brought a circle of techno culture fans together to form an independent movement in Moscows nightlife. Along the way, the members of Nervmusic were searching for a unique sound that eventually become a music label.

    Core member, Andrey Zots, is the icing on the cake. Episode Five of the FDLF podcast series features the up and coming artists from Moscow in the final episode of Season One! 

    Hey, Andrey! We’d love to understand a bit about your heritage; The place where it all began! Where & when were you born?


    I was born and raised in Sergiev Posad; a city known for it’s many churches. It’s actually the administrative center for the Russian Orthodox Church. 

    After living few years in Moscow I found myself back here again. It’s a beautiful, and peaceful place to live. 

    Your taste in sound, and music, is extremely unique. Weird abstract rhythms, stringed together with soundscapes and melodies paired with really grooving basslines; Can you describe your musical taste?


    Im not a big fan of labeling things, you know. Especially when it comes to music.

    I feel a real urgent need to create my own little niche sound worlds and Im trying to incorporate being happy with who i am as much as possible in my day-to-day life. :-)

    Does your music describe your personality or is the music you create completely different? 

    I, personally, think that my music explains everything about me…It’s quite difficult to describe it in words. (hahaha) Expressing one’s personality through creating music could become a very great way to live and Im very happy to be what I am - 

    Andrey, you’ve spent quite some time working closely with; Nervmusic. Tell us a little about the label.

    For me Nervmusic is my home label. I look at it as a family uniting very very special artists like Akiko Kiyama, Easy Changes, & Laurine Frost; Who are work in close contact with each other. Learning from each other, supporting one another and just really having fun as a big family! So, yes, long live Nervmusic! :-)

    How and where was this mix recorded?

    Here In my home studio in Sergiev Posad. I actually have quite alot of fun recording this one, i must admit. The idea was to feel a little bit ”mystic”. :-)

    Can you tell us about the idea behind it?

    Well, i felt a little bit ”mystic”. :-)

    How has partying, and enjoying friends at, ARMA17 been the last few years?

    ARMA became a mecca of electronic music in Moscow, and not just with Dance Music. Thanks to its brave promoters, the crowd and community was able to hear lots of “avant-garde” artists and musicians.

    Still the best club for me, I’ve experienced ( and going to experience more ;-) ) many unforgettable moments at that place. 

    Would you call it, home?


    The word “home” has a special meaning to me: home is the place where your able rest comfortably.. It’s not like this at Arma! It’s too loud in here! (LOL!)

    We each have out own niche; What feeds YOUR appetite for inspiration, and finding new music?

    Ideas come from everywhere… There is no need to invent anything new. It’s already here. An artist just needs to learn to catch this moment. At least I feel it this way. 

    What have you planned for the future? (hobbies, music, life)

    Tons of plans for the next few months; 5 more releases are scheduled for this and the coming year. So I plan to lock myself in the studio for awhile, and crank it out. It’s summertime, so im also going to spend more time outside swimming, riding, skating, and taking really long sunbathes. :-)

    Released & Published by: De La’funk 
    Release/catalogue number: FDLF05 
    Release date: 06/24/13

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